I write this article this morning, and I want to say thanks to some one who has left his comment and remind me that I have done a little bit mistakes. I'm so sorry about that, and of course I have to re-edit my post because I don't want to discredit one or more trade mark here.

Honda CZ-110 CC is a new release Honda cub which will be launched in Thailand this year. In some aspects, it almost the same with an older cub version which sold in Indonesia, Honda Revo. Especially the about sporty concepts. But there some innovation in this new concepts, hope it will launch in Indonesia too.

This new variant has futuristic style concept, but kept using low engine spec. Honda CZ-110 has 110 CC for stroke engines with PGM FI technology, an injection system technology which applied in Honda Supra 125 PGM FI.It use electronic control unit to control the emission to commply with Euro6. Many sources says that it will also be developed for Indonesian market as Revo 110 CC Type. Hope it could be completed within this year so that will add more alternatives in this class.

Honda CZ-1