PT Indomobil Suzuki Sales (SIS) will ensure meniagakan NEX Suzuki began in November 2012. Surya Setiawan certainty is ensured as the General Manager of Marketing R2 SIS at Pekan Raya Jakarta, last night (23 / 6). "We plan to bring the NEX in November 2011," he explained simply. Mentioned specification bespectacled man is still reluctant to reveal even further.

Suzuki NEX is an automatic scooter or scooter that has been released in Taiwan and Japan. In both countries supported the injection machine capacity of 125 cc. The news that blow, NEX will use a 110 cc engine. This futuristic scooter design carries with lights follow the line of the front wing. While the headlamp like Suzuki Spin

In addition, the dimensions of the use of tire size is smaller than the size of the scooter in general, with dimensions of 10-inch alloy wheels, scooter generally use 14-inch size. Then applying the dual-shock rear suspension, as found on the Suzuki Hayate. NEX also quite relieved luggage, because measuring 32 liters and is able to accommodate two helmets types fullface and openface once. The size is claimed to be the largest in its class, such as the Honda spacy only 18 liters.